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F.A.Q.’s – Frequently Asked Questions

Demos, Cover-Versions & Remixes

Are you searching for new artists and songs? Can I send you a demo?

No. At the moment we don’t need more artists or third party songs.

Can I do a cover-version of Lovetraxx-song "XY"?

Yes, but please contact us before you start.

Can I do a remix of song "XY"?

No. An allready released song don’t need more remixes.

Song Licensing

Can I license Lovetraxx song "XY" for a video, a film or a commercial?

Yes, you can. Please contact us.

Can I license Lovetraxx-song "XY" for a compilation?

Yes, please contact us.

Can I use Lovetraxx song "XY" on YouTube?

Yes, you can use any of our songs as music on your Youtube-videos without further permission (as long as you have bought the song and don’t have changed the original track). This is only for YouTube.

Bass X Press "To the Club" (Cover)
Lord of the Club "Greensleeves" (Cover)


Can your songs be played in a club, on radio or tv?

Yes. All our songs can be used by DJ’s in the club or on radio/tv (Labelcode is 18091). Perhaps in some countries you have to log on a collecting society (e. g. Gema in Germany).

Can I write about your songs on my blog or on a social media plattform?

Yes, feel free to put our songs in your news-section or write a review.

Do you have a Dj-Pool or promotion pool?

Yes, but it is currently not active. This may change in the near future.