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Lord of the Club "Greensleeves" (Cover)
Icco Spencer "Sunshine" (Cover)
Various Artists "Summer Megamix 2015" (Cover)
Ricco Rockz "EDM Party" (Cover)
Bangboyz "Kick It" (Cover)
Heath Liquid "I Feel so Sad" (Cover)
Clubset "Loving You" (Cover)
Casca Dean "Gogo" (Cover)
Cluabaccess "Danza" (Cover)
Cocoon Six "Rockin" (Cover)
Incredy "Schön Hart" (Cover)
Mel Bounce "Drop This" (Cover)
Mick Mirage "Festival" (Cover)
Various Artists "Melbourne Bounce Vol. 2" (Cover)
Electric Passion "Get Up" (Cover)
Bass X Press "Party" (Cover)

Who is Lovetraxx Records?

Lovetraxx Records is a German music label with a focus on EDM (electronic dance music). Founded in 1994 Lovetraxx releases music like Electro, Dance, House, Bigroom, Melbourne Bounce and other similar styles. Special on Lovetraxx is that we work directly togehter with our artists (almost all tracks that appear on our music label are written, recorded, produced and mastered in our own recording & mastering studios). So if you buy our music, you doesn’t support only a music label, you also support the artists directly. More infos about us you can find here.

The following artists appear on Lovetraxx Records:

Basscrusher, Lovesequenzer, Mel Bounce, Lanar, Age of Dance, Aquanova, Bob Tails, Electric Passion, Moonraver Reloaded, Lord of the Club, Cocoon Six, Ricco Rockz, Bazzbusterz, Tom Valley, Club Access, Mike Strike, Icco Spencer, Cosmic Dancer, Clubnoise, Mick Mirage, Smile 96, Tim Finity, Clubcontrol, Bangboyz, Bass X Press, Baylanda, Indaclub, Heath Liquid, Incredy and many more…